Nicole Dargent – Training & Coaching

In my trainings I teach clear and practical competencies that will help you create a more self-determined private and professional life. The coaching deepens and puts your desire for change in more concrete terms: you will develop concrete ideas, plans and resources to help you achieve this transformation.

Resilience Training –
Shaping Life

How do we deal with changes in our job or our private life? When our cherished work routines or even loved ones are taken away from us? When proven coping strategies are no longer effective?

Resilience is the mental toughness that we need to actively shape change processes in the everyday stress at work or during crises. The more we decide how and for what we use our energy, the more self-determined and healthier we live.

The benefits at a glance

With this resilience training you will learn to master your (professional) life better:

  • You focus more on your strengths and think more solution oriented
  • You leave things that you cannot change alone, rest and sharpen your vision for things that you can influence
  • You deal with changes more flexibly and more powerfully because you have a goal in mind
  • You identify your personal energy hogs
  • You selectively strengthen the power sources in your life

More mental flexibility for the professional routine

In this hands-on training, you will get to know the seven pillars of resilience: you will start a process that will help you to sustainably cope better with challenges and stress. You will strengthen your mental immune system and look more positively into the future. In short, you will transform problems into opportunities.

The resilience training can be held in English and/or German.

Who is the resilience training for?

The resilience Training is suitable for individuals and teams:

  • Executives, who want to motivate their employees to be more self-determined and more solution-oriented in their daily work.
  • Employees and self-employes people who wish to prepare themselves better for the challenges of everyday working life.
  • Teams, who are under a lot of pressure and are looking for new ways to use their team strengths and sound out development opportunities

Communication Training –
Thriving on Diversity

You have acquired a new, perhaps even international team and work together transnationally? Or your team has been reformed or is growing larger? Perhaps your team has been around for a long time but you realize that the internal communication needs improvement?

Good team communication helps to make productive use of the human and cultural diversity in your team, to mutually support one another – creating a positive solution-oriented culture.

The benefits at a glance

The Insights Discovery Profile System® provides a deep insight into:

  • Type-specific behaviors and their effect
  • Personal strengths and challenges as well as strengths and challenges of others
  • Personal preferences in dealing with task, deadlines and objectives as well as those of the other team members

New strategies for a better communication

With the in-depth analysis of Insights Discovery®, learn how the team members’ various behaviors and communication styles influence their collaboration: the aim is to improve how they work together, to formulate target agreements more clearly and to optimize work flows. As a result, the team grows together, the newly formed relationships are resilient and support the path to greater success and satisfaction.

Who is the communication training for?

The diversified and practice-oriented communication training is suitable for all teams wishing to develop a positive, team and solution-oriented culture.

The communication training can be held in English and/or German.

Coaching –
Make Change Happen

There are countless coaching methods and philosophies, but one thing all good coaching has in common: the believe that a person has all the necessary resources to develop themselves. Therefore, coaching is not therapy and not consulting, because I as coach do not know what is “good” for you – however, you do! My job is to give you the space to imagine what should be different. Subsequently, we will find out what resources you have or need to realize this change successfully.

The benefits at a glance

  • You can develop your wishes and goals in a safe environment
  • You determine the direction and I am there to serve as a sparring partner
  • You expand your scope of action
  • You’ll become more competent, more authentic and more satisfied

New opportunities through a different point of view

The focus of my coaching is to strengthen you and your personal potential for change. Even the smallest changes in behavior and thinking allow you to discover new possibilities. When issues, relationships or situations are seen through another perspective, solutions are suddenly visible. That’s how we expand your room for maneuver and how you can make your life more self-determined.

Who is the individual coaching for?

In coaching, I work on an individual basis with people who

  • want to further develop, reposition or reorient their professional life
  • want to shape their own professional life
  • finally deal with an always repeating issue
  • want to change or are not satisfied with what life offers

The coaching can be conducted in English and/or German.

Nicole Dargent –
Expert in Individual Learning

For 20 years, I have been working as a trainer and for several years as a coach. It brings me joy to help people regain energy to take their lives back into their own hands. It is motivating to see how people discover and expand on their potential, how they become more competent, more satisfied and even happier.

Trainings & Coaching – in German and English

As an experienced learning expert, I approach people with curiosity, sincerity and humour. My clients feel that they are safe and in good hands: With my inviting way I motivate individuals and/or teams to learn and to face new challenges. In cooperation with me, people formulate their goals precisely and pursue their implementation consequently.

  • My holistic trainings are full of insight and they are entertaining and intriguing: they consist of many interactive elements like role plays, imaginary journeys and visualizations. My trainings are designed for groups or teams and are theme oriented.

  • My coaching offers a protected space, where desires for change are fleshed out and concrete ideas and plans are developed. At the center, we strengthen the personality as well as build up individual resources and competencies. The coaching is suitable for individuals and is thematically open.

I offer my training and coaching in English or German – I speak both languages.

Learning with enthusiasm – How I work

My work is based on the conviction that every human being has the necessary resources to develop and face challenges. That is why I am excited by methods that motivate or with which learning becomes fun. I have always been interested in alternative learning methods – for this reason I decided against staying in the traditional teaching profession even though I’m a qualified teacher.

Many formative trainings – including suggestopedia, transactional analysis, co-active coaching, positive psychology and the Insights Discovery® personality tool, have reinforced my conviction about learning: When people know what they are learning for, they learn better. And learning is easier when it’s fun. And so my contribution to your success is to invite you to learn with a goal and fun.

What my customers say

“What I liked most was Your way of asking me questions and to make me think. You never gave me answers or told me how to decide, but your questions made me realize things that I hadn’t been able to see before. I could suddenly clearly see what was right and important for me and how I can manage to bring this change about. Thank you very much!”

“The Coaching took place in a comfortable atmosphere. I had four sessions with Nicole Dargent and each session was special. Due to her expertise and variety of methods, I actually always felt that something had changed after a session. I am convinced of this coaching.”

“The resilience training with Nicole Dargent passed quickly and was fun for the whole Team, since input was directly implemented in group activities and then presented by the team. This way we could transfer the new insights easily in our daily work.”

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